The Ancient Wisdom for Our Times Series

A Journey Worth Taking. Explore Tibetan Buddhist Practice with Lama Tsomo’s Ancient Wisdom For Our Times series. Designed to bring ancient methods to the modern world, Why Bother? An Introduction; Wisdom & Compassion (Starting with Yourself); and Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection provide readers with context, stories, inspiration, and meditation practices to start and sustain a lasting meditation practice. This wise and accessible series based on the Vajrayana path, gifts readers tangible ways to cultivate more joy, compassion, focus, and deep fulfillment in everyday life.

About Namchak Publishing Company

Namchak Publishing Company LLC was created to support and promote the growth, study and practice of the Namchak lineage through the publication and offerings of books and other supports. Whether you are exploring meditation for the first time or an experienced student, we strive to support you in your practice by connecting you to resources and providing opportunities to establish or deepen your relationship with the Namchak lineage. We work closely with the Namchak Foundation to further a common mission dedicated to sharing one of the oldest forms of Tibetan Buddhist practice and making the teachings accessible to westerners.

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