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“Meditation practice is medicine for whatever you’re feeling.”

Lama Tsomo

New Release

The Lotus & The Rose

A Conversation Between Tibetan Buddhism & Mystical Christianity

By Lama Tsomo and Reverend Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox and Lama Tsomo have both taken less-traveled spiritual paths, giving them a fresh perspective on how faith can help us face the challenges of today’s world. Whether you follow a tradition or just enjoy exploring the world’s religions, you will be drawn in by these remarkable friends and their insight on faith.

Video Series

Whenever they get together, Lama Tsomo and the Reverend Dr. Matthew Fox bring to the conversation their lively passion for their individual spiritual traditions, and a shared personal history as colleagues and long-time friends. The Lotus & The Rose presents these traditions, these individuals, this friendship in a unique set of conversations that spans a decade and a range of venues and audiences. This volume includes videos of their full presentations to audiences at Stanford University, The Jung Center in Houston, and the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe. Also included is a private, more casual conversation between just Lama Tsomo and Matthew, as well as two new individual interviews.