The Lotus & The Rose Podcast

Lama Tsomo and Rev. Matthew Fox have taken less-traveled spiritual paths, giving them each an unusual combination of expertise in their traditions along with a fresh perspective informed by their own routes and the nature and challenges of today’s world.

The Lotus & The Rose presents these traditions, these individuals, this friendship in a unique set of conversations.

Their 2018 book of the same name compiled over a decade of their conversations and explorations. With this podcast, they hope to engage people through the infectious joy of their taped dialogues in short, accessible episodes. Whenever they get together, their lively passion for their traditions, depth of knowledge on the subject matter, and personal friendship evoke the power of connection and community with listeners.

The episodes have been thoughtfully curated to address valuable themes that come up again and again in their work and in society.

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The Lotus & The Rose Podcast contains many poignant topics and themes that are great conversation starters especially for Learning Circles and meditation groups. This discussion guide can help structure discussions and bring to life how interfaith explorations can bring us closer together.