Wisdom & Compassion (Starting with Yourself)

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Description of Wisdom & Compassion (Starting with Yourself)

Tibetan Buddhist practice isn’t just a matter of what—it’s also a matter of how. This book shows you how.

Building on the foundation in Book 1 (Why Bother?) which together with this volume are updated versions of the previously published Why Is The Dalai Lama Always Smiling?, Lama Tsomo gives you the chance to try out these methods and see how they work for you. Wisdom & Compassion: Starting with Yourself provides a lively, approachable guide, sprinkled with humor, for people ready to begin applying the time-tested, lab-tested Tibetan practices to find happiness and peace in their own modern life. 

Through step-by-step instructions, photographs, and helpful explanations, Lama Tsomo shares practices that have been used for thousands of years, and teaches how we can experience the rich benefits of meditation. She offers techniques for sharpening our focus, enhancing our relationships, and living each day more mindfully, joyfully, and meaningfully. 

Included are a set of beautifully illustrated meditation cards, "Science Tidbits," a glossary of terms, and teachings and practices also presented in Namchak Foundation eCourses and retreats. 

Grab your cushion and teacup, and let’s begin!


Wisdom and Compassion is part of the Ancient Wisdom for our Times Tibetan Buddhist Practice Series